Household Hazardous Waste - 248.858.5656

While Oakland County does not have a county-wide household hazardous waste disposal program, NO HAZ, RRRASOC and SOCRRA service many local communities. Several communities operate independent programs. View the map below to see if your community has a program.
For more information about the following programs follow these links:
NO HAZ Phone: (248) 858-5656
RRRASOC Phone: (248) 208-2270
SOCRRA Phone: (248) 288-5150 
These fact sheets will help you learn more about household hazardous waste (HHW).
What is HHW? (file size 15.9k)
 Safe Handling of HHW (file size 14.4k)
 Do's & Don'ts of HHW (file size 14.2k)
 NO HAZ Accepts HHW (file size 18k)
 HHW Disposal Alternatives (file size 15.9k)
 HHW Quick Facts (file size 15.6k)

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