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Sustainability has many definitions, but they all boil down to one thing:  the ability of human communities to thrive without diminishing the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.  Sustainability calls for a “triple bottom line” approach to planning and management, integrating environmental, economic, and social measures of health to provide a comprehensive picture of the present and future of human society.
Services we offer include:
  • Sustainability Planning Technical Assistance.  We provide technical assistance and coordination for  interjurisdictional sustainability planning, emphasizing achieving sustainability goals through local,  interjurisdictional collaboration.
  • OakGreen: Energy Efficiency Assistance.  We provide education and assistance to local units of government, residents, schools and businesses to help them become more energy efficient.  Services include education seminars, Web resources, and managing the OakGreen Challenge.
  • Livability Planning Assistance. We provide technical assistance and coordination for planning to support integration of the Federal Partnership for Sustainable Communities six Livability Principles:
    • Provide more transportation choices
    • Promote equitable, affordable housing
    • Enhance economic competitiveness
    • Support existing communities
    • Coordinate policies and leverage investment
    • Value communities and neighborhoods


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