The Business Roundtable Initiative

The Oakland County Business Roundtable provides advice to the County Executive on business, economic, and land development matters in order to ensure the preservation of the county's quality of life and economic vitality for the benefit of its citizens, communities and businesses.
The Roundtable was established in 1993 as a panel of 125 representatives of business, government and education. This advisory group was charged with creating programs that would enhance Oakland County's business climate and quality of life.
Over the years the Roundtable has crafted a range of strategies for moving the county forward. These include:
  • Plans to increase funding for road needs
  • Streamlined, simplified processes for business development
  • Improved access to job training programs
Since its formation, the majority of suggestions submitted at the annual Business Roundtable meeting have been implemented. Governor Granholm replicated elements of the Roundtable on a statewide basis, using it as a model in forming the Governor's Council of Economic Advisors.
Annual Report

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