Workforce and Education Committee

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The Workforce and Education Committee examines issues which concern current job holders, job seekers, new work force members, trainees and students.

Committee Recommendation for 2013

Oakland County County's Skills Needs Assessment Project report verified that gaps between the skills job seekers have still exist. The Workforce & Education Committee recommends that these skills gaps be bridged by addressing several key questions:
  • Why are skills gaps not being bridged?
  • What resources are available?
  • How can training programs such as Oakland County Michigan Works! and be used more effectively?
  • What additional resources are needed and how can they be developed and/or obtained?
  • What partnerships with employers, education and economic/workforce development can be expanded and/or developed?
  • What other strategies can be implemented? 

As these questions are addressed, the efforts and research of other organizations such as Michigan's Workforce Development Agancy, the Michigan Economic Development Corporation, the Oakland Education Advisory Group and the Workforce Intelligence Network should be accessed and studied.

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Workforce Development 2013 Full Report
Details on these and other committees' recommendations can be found in the Business Roundtable Annual Report.

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