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Career Preparation System

Oakland Schools is the Intermediate School District for Oakland County and provides K-12 programs and services for our 28 school districts. Programs include the nationally regarded International Academy and a comprehensive Career Focused Education curriculum.

Career Focused Preparatory System – Technical Campuses

Four unique learning environments that provide students with ready-to-employ skills in some of the most in-demand occupations in the country.

Advanced technical training is provided in such areas as:

  • Engineering/Manufacturing & Industrial Technology
  • Business, Management, Marketing & Technology
  • Health Services, Natural resources & Agriscience, Culinary Arts/Hospitality, Human Services
  • Arts & Communication



Apprenticeships in over 50 different occupations are available throughout Oakland County and Southeast Michigan, including automotive and industrial skilled technicians, as well as health care and social services.

These professional apprenticeships develop the next generation of skilled workers for Oakland County, Michigan and the United States. The Certificate of Completion from the U.S. Department of Labor's Office of Apprenticeship is recognized throughout the country. If the apprenticeship is sponsored by a labor union, upon completion the apprentice will also receive a journeyperson's card.

Because an individual must be a full-time employee of the company to which they are apprenticed, the pay scale begins around 40-50 percent of the typical full pay. Near the end of the apprenticeship, the pay usually ranges from 90-95 percent of the full rate.

Download Brochure: Apprenticeships in Oakland County (file size 1.5M)


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