Communications and Information Technology

Over 36 percent of Michigan's custom computer programming service firms are located in Oakland to download brochure

Communications & Information Technology companies that chose Oakland County include:
Cisco Systems                                      Covansys Corp.
Delmia Corp.                                          ePrize
Google                                                  Hewlett-Packard
IBM                                                       Microsoft
Plexus Systems                                     R. L. Polk
SAP America Inc.                                   Technomatix Technologies Inc. 

There are over 30 research projects and almost 30 research centers related to Communications & Information Technology at Michigan universities.

Available resources to support Communications & Information Technology firms in Michigan include:  Great Lakes Interactive Marketing AssociationInternet2Merit Network, and Telecommunications Association of Michigan.

Our Emerging Sectors initiative targeting Communications & Information Technology has resulted in more than $167 million of new investment and over 3,100 new jobs for the region in five years.

These Innovators below came from Michigan Universities:
    • Tony Fadell - creator of the Apple iPod
    • Charles Hutchins - creator of CAE (computer aided engineering)Bill Joy - founder of Sun Microsystems
    • Thomas and  John Knoll - co-creators of Adobe Photoshop
    • Larry Page - co-founder of Google, Inc.
Oakland County's leading engineering and manufacturing talent will help you bring your communications and IT products to market faster and cheaper.
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