Defense and Homeland Security

click to download brochureOur Defense and Homeland Security sector is comprised of companies that produce goods and services for border protection, physical and virtual security, emergency response and threat detection.  Examples include explosive detection, infrastructure protection, investigative support and forensics, physical security, military vehicle manufacturing and surveillance support.
Products developed by various industries may have defense and homeland security applications. 
At least 85 Oakland County-based companies offer products and services for defense and homeland security. Many of these companies are concentrated in Troy and Southfield.
Oakland Community College's 22-acre Combined Regional Emergency Services Training (CREST) Center provides police, fire and EMT personnel with scenario-based training. The FBI, the Secret Service, and the Oakland County Sheriff's Special Response Team stage real-life training exercises at the unique facility.
Lawrence Technological University's Center for Innovative Materials Research (CIMR) is a $3.2 million, 7200 square-foot nationally recognized laboratory. CIMR develops innovative materials for the defense and homeland security industries.
Our Emerging Sectors initiative targeting Defense & Homeland Security has generated over $29 million in new investment and over 900 new jobs in the past five years.

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