Advanced Materials and Chemicals

Seventy Advanced Materials & Nanotechnology firms in Oakland County employ over 5,700 people.  In addition, there are over 60 plastic manufacturers and almost 20 rubber manufacturers.
Companies that chose Oakland County include:
Akzo Novel Coatings Inc.                                         BASF
Bonal Technologies                                                 Dow Automotive
Guardian Industries                                                 Henkel Surface Technology
LG Chemical Ltd.                                                    Osmic
PPG Industries                                                       Solvay Engineered Polymers

Twelve Michigan universities have research centers and laboratories related to Advanced Materials & Chemicals.

Oakland University established a NanoTech Research and Development Institute on its Rochester campus.  The institute recruits accomplished faculty and enlist motivated student researchers, and builds collaborative partnerships with industry to investigate ideas with real-world applications.

Oakland Community College launched a new Nanotechnology in Material Sciences Program at its Auburn Hills campus.

Michigan organizations available to support Advanced Materials & Chemicals firms include:  Michigan Molecular InstituteMichigan Manufacturers Association, Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center, and American Concrete Institute.

Emerging Sectors targets Advanced Materials & Chemicals has resulted in more than $24 million of new investment and over 130 new jobs for the region in five years. 
The largest percent of chemical manufacturers in Oakland County produce paints, coatings, and adhesives followed by pharmaceutical and medicine manufacturing.

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