Robotics and Automation

Sixty-eight percent of Michigan's robotics companies are in Oakland to download brochure
Eighty-five Robotics & Automation firms here employ over 4.400 people.  Some of the companies that chose us include:

Durr Automation                                               Fanuc Robotics America
Ingersoll-Rand                                                  Kawasaki Robotics
KEBA Automation Motoman Robotics                Kratzer Automation
Mahle                                                              Motoman Robotics
Nachi Robotic Systems                                    Speedring Systems

The Oakland County Competitive Robotics Association (OCCRA) seeks to increase the number of high school students involved in competitive robotics. 
OCCRA generates enthusiasm for technical and academic disciplines like design, engineering, physics and electronics. Participants learn about the diverse technical career options available in Michigan.
Ten Michigan universities offer 16 research centers and laboratories for Robotics & Automation companies, conducting more than 35 robotics-related research projects.
Our Emerging Sectors initiative targeting Robotics & Automation has resulted in more than $21 million of new investment and over 220 new jobs for the region in five years. 

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