Consulate of Australia                                                          Consulate General of Lebanon
The Honorable Jennifer Ser                                                   The Honorable Bachir Tawk
Honorary Consul                                                                  Acting Consul General
860 W.  Long Lake Rd.,  Ste.  350                                        3031 West Grand Blvd.
Bloomfield Hills, MI 48302                                                    Detroit, MI 48226
Consulate of Austria                                                            Consulate Republic of Liberia   
The Honorable Aloys K Schwarz, Esq.                                  The Honorable Michael Mohamad Baydoun
Honorary Consul General                                                     Honorary Consul General       
300 E. Long Lake Road, Ste. 365                                         9602 Greenfield Road
Bloomfield Hills, MI 48304                                                    Detroit, MI 48227
248-645-1444                                                                      313-836-6331                             

Consulate of Barbados                                                         Consulate Republic of Lithuania           
The Honorable Lacey Walke, MD                                          The Honorable Algis Zaparackas
Honorary Consul                                                                  Honorary Consul
28111 Hoover Rd.,  Ste. 1A                                                   35245 Glengary Cr.
Warren, MI 48093                                                                 Farmington Hills, MI 48331
586-751-8840                                                                       248-553-0540
Consulate of Belgium                                                           Consulate of Luxembourg
The Honorable David Cornillie                                                Vacant
Honorary Consul                                                                  Honorary Consul                       
63 Kercheval Ave., Ste. 111                                                  2300 Harmon Road
Grosse Pointe Farms, MI 48236                                            Auburn Hills, MI 48326
313-530-4436                                                                       248-340-2200
Consulate of Belize                                                               Consulate General of the Republic Macedonia
The Honorable Lennox A. Pike, MD                                        The Honorable Dukoski Igor
Honorary Consul                                                                   Consul General
24984 Glen Orchard Drive                                                      2000 Town Center, Ste. 1130
Farmington Hills, MI 48336                                                    Southfield, MI 48075
248-477-8768                                                                        248-354-5537                       
Canadian Trade Commission                                                 Consulate General of Malta
The Honorable Doug Bingema                                                The Honorable Larry J. Zahra
Consul & Senior Trade Commissioner                                     Honorary Consul General
600 Renaissance Ctr., Ste. 1100                                            26953 Sheahan Drive
Detroit, MI 48226                                                                   Dearborn Heights, MI 48127
313-567-2340                                                                        313-563-1779
Consulate General of Canada                                                 Consulate of Mexico
The Honorable Robert Noble                                                   The Honorable Vincente Sanchez-Ventura
Consul General                                                                     Coonsul General
600 Renaissance Center, Ste. 1100                                        645 Griswold Dr., Ste. 1700
Detroit, MI 48226                                                                   Detroit, MI 48226
313-567-2340                                                                        313-964-4517
Consulate of Cote D'Ivoire                                                      Bancomext
The Honorable Harold R. Varner                                             Mr. Luis Salazar
Honorary Consul                                                                   Mexican Trade Commissioner
615 Griswold                                                                        2000 Town Center, Ste. 1900
Detroit, MI 48226                                                                  Southfield, MI 48075
313-961-9000                                                                       248-351-6284
Consulate of Chile                                                                 Consulate of Libya
The Honorable Mariela Griffor                                                 The Honorable Don H Braden
Honorary Consul                                                                   Honorary Consul
1342 Three Mile Drive                                                            163 Madison Ave., Ste. 2000
Grosse Pointe Park, MI 48230                                                Detroit, MI 48226
313-407-9236                                                                        313-496-2900           
Consulate of Cyprus                                                              Consulate of The Netherlands
The Honorable Steven G. Stylianou, Esq.                                The Honorary Henry Witte
Honorary Consul                                                                   Honorary Consul
15706 Michigan Avenue                                                         Netherlands Consulate
Dearborn, MI 48126                                                               3250 28th Street, SE
313-582-1411                                                                        Grand Rapids, MI 49512
Consulate of Denmark                                                           Consulate of The Netherlands
The Honorable  David W Christensen, Esq.                             The Honorable Hans H. J Pijls, Esq.
Honorary Consul                                                                   Honorary Consul
5510 Woodward Avenue                                                         Buhl Building
Detroit, MI 48202                                                                   535 Griswold, Ste. 2400   
313-875-9856                                                                        Detroit, MI 48226                                                                  313-965-3900
Consulate of the Dominican Republic                                      Consulate of Norway
The Honorable Ferndo Colon Meran                                        The Honorable Dennis M. Flessland, Esq.
Honorary Consul                                                                   Honorary Consul
7311 Whittaker St.                                                                26017 Concord Rd.
Detroit, MI 48209                                                                   Huntington Woods, MI 48070
313-384-1175                                                                        248-547-6379       
Consulate of Finland                                                              Consulate of Paraguay
The Honorable Paul N. Potti, Esq.                                          The Honorable Alice Rojas
Honorary Consul                                                                    Honorary Consul
23620 Liberty, Ste. 100                                                          29850 Deer Run
Farmington Hills, MI 48335                                                     Farmington Hills, MI 48331
248-478-3450                                                                        248-661-5567
French American Chamber                                                     Consulate of Romania/Walbridge Aldinger
Ms. Regine Seps                                                                   The Honorable John Rakolta, Jr.
Executive Director                                                                  Honorary Consul
27777 Franklin Road, Ste. 1200                                               613 Abbott
Southfield, MI 48034                                                               Detroit, MI 48226
248-358-1861                                                                         313-442-1320                                                
French Embassy Economic Office                                           Consulate of San Marino
Mrs. Molly Swart                                                                    Vacant
Assistant Trade Commissioner                                                Honorary Consul
525 E. Big Beaver Rd., Ste 202                                               1685 E Big Beaver Road       
Troy, MI 48083                                                                       Troy, MI 48083
248-457-1150                                                                         248-528-1190
Consulate of France                                                                Consulate of the Slovak Republic
The Honorable Robert L. Weyhing,  Esq.                                  The Honorable Edward M Zelenak, Esq.
Honorary Consul                                                                     Honorary Consul
500 Woodward Avenue, Ste. 3500                                            2933 Fort Street
Detroit, MI 48226                                                                    Lincoln Park, MI 48146
313-965-8256                                                                          313-386-6400
Consulate of the Federal Republic of Germany                          Consulate of South Korea
The Honorable Fred Hoffman                                                    The Honorable David M. Roden
Honorary Consul                                                                     Honorary Consul
c/o Clark Hill                                                                           24666 Northwestern Hwy.
500 Woodward Avenue, Ste. 3500                                            Southfield, MI 48075
Detroit, MI 48226                                                                     248-945-9044
Consulate of Grenada                                                              Consulate of Spain               
The Honorable Robert G. David                                                 The Honorable Dr. Coral Lopez Gomez, Ph.D.
Honorary Consul                                                                      Honorary Consul
17445 Parkshore Dr.                                                                2114 Pauline Blvd., 2nd Flr
Northville, MI 48168                                                                 Ann Arbor, MI 48103
248-305-8080                                                                          734-662-0434
Consulate of Iceland                                                               Consulate of Sweden
The Honorable Edward Christian                                              The Honorable Lennart Johansson
Honorary Consul                                                                     Honorary Consul
73 Kercheval Avenue                                                               7352 Parker
Grosse Pointe Farms, MI 48236                                              Saline, MI 48176
313-886-2596                                                                         734-944-8111
Consulate of Iraq                                                                    Consulate of Switzerland
The Honorable Louay Noori Alsaidi                                          The Honorable Walter Wegmueller
Honorary Consul                                                                    Honorary Consul
16445 W. 12 Mile Road                                                          24406 Fairmont
Southfield, MI 48076                                                              Dearborn, MI 48124
248-423-1250                                                                        313-27-SWISS
Consulate of Italy                                                                   Consulate of Syria
The Honorable Dr. Carlo Romeo                                              The Honorable Dr. Naji Arwashan
Consul General                                                                      Honorary Consul General
535 Griswold  Ste 1840                                                           900 Wilshire Dr., Ste. 202
Detroit, MI 48226                                                                   Troy, MI 48084
313-963-8560                                                                         248-519-2496
Japan Business Society of Detroit                                          Consulate of Turkey
Mr. Shotaro Kahama                                                             The Honorable Nurten Ural
Executive  Director                                                                Consul General
3000 Town Center, Ste. 606                                                   P.O. Box 986
Southfield, MI 48075                                                              Farmington, MI 48332
248-355-4899                                                                        248-701-1050
Consulate General of Japan                                                    Consulate of Ukraine
The Honorable Kazuhide Ishikawa                                           The Honorable Bohdan Fedorak
Consul General                                                                      Honorary Consul
400 Renaissance Center, Ste. 1600                                         Ukrainian Cultural Center,
Detroit, MI 48243                                                                   26601 Ryan Rd., Ste. 11
313-567-0120                                                                        Warren, MI 48091                                               586-757-7910

JETRO                                                                                  British Consulate General
Senior Trade Advisor                                                              The Honorable Nicholas Stasevich
20255 Victor Parkway, Ste. 180                                              Honorary Consul General
Livonia, MI 48152                                                                   150 West Jefferson, Ste. 100           
734-632-1312                                                                         Detroit, MI 48226               
Consulate General of Jordan                                                   Detroit Consular Corps
The Honorable Habib Fakhouri                                                The Honorable Arthur James Rubiner
Honorary Consul General                                                        Executive Secretary
28551 Southfield Road, Ste. 203                                             PO Box 251603
Lathrup Village, MI 48076                                                       West Bloomfield, MI 48325
248-557-4377                                                                         248-737-4424
Consulate of Korea                                                                Consulate General of Yemen
The Honorable Alphonse V. Tabaka                                        The Honorable Abdul Hakem Alsadah
Honorary Consul                                                                    Honorary Consul General
40400 E. Ann Arbor Road, Ste. 104B                                       PO Box 153, 10415 Dix
Plymouth, MI 48170                                                               Saline, MI 48176
734-459-8770                                                                         313-842-7032
Consulate General in Chicago                                        
Korea Trade Center Detroit
Mr. Sungpil Um
Director General
2000 Town Center, Ste. 2850
Southfield, MI 48075