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Economic Development and Community Affairs

CySAFE for Business
A free IT security tool to help businesses and local governments assess, understand and prioritize their IT security needs.
2015 Elite 40 Class
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Oakland Business Connect
Oakland Business Connect is your key to starting new business opportunities with Michigan's largest companies.
Apprenticeships Guide
An overview to apprenticeships in Oakland County and elsewhere
Mortgage Worries?
Help is available NOW to keep most families in their homes

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2014 Skills Need Assessment
An in-depth look at the specific needs of health
systems in Oakland County and the region
CySafe for Business
Oakland Business Connect
Apprenticeship Book
Community & Home Improvement
2014 Skills Need Assessment Project on Health Systems

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Thirty Deals Total $171 Million of Foreign Direct Investment in '14
Oakland County attracted $171 million of foreign direct investment in 2014, prompting the county’s business development team to expand its global search for companies looking to locate in the county.Read More
Oil Painter Named Winner of 2014 MI Great Artist™
Weatherly Stroh, an oil painter who specializes in animal and landscape paintings, was chosen as winner of the 2014 MI Great Artist online . . .Read More
Oakland County Helps Tech Companies Reach Bigger Audience
“Oakland County tech companies of all stages will now have the opportunity to put their latest developments in front of Michigan’s tech-savvy audiences.” . . .Read More
Survey Identifies Challenges & Job Opportunities with Leading Health Systems
The Skills Needs Assessment Project (SNAP), a year-long survey of health systems in southeast Michigan, presents important information about job prospects in the health care . . .
Read More
More than 1,300 New Jobs Likely Result
Thirteen Oakland County companies received almost $700,000 from the state’s Skilled Trades Training Fund, enabling them to hire nearly 1,300 new employees while upgrading the skills of more than 700 current employees.

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MI Great Artist Weatherly Stroh found her inner painter after coming home to Michigan

Weatherly Stroh is yet another Michigan returnee success story. While she grew up in Michigan, she left to attend college in Colorado and stayed there for 20 years. "I feel like being back in Michigan there have been a lot of opportunities that wouldn't have been available had I stayed where I was," Stroh says. "I feel very supported by the community; reconnecting with old friends, family. That's one thing I really love about Michigan: there's [a strong sense of community]. People really look out for each other."